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Make a Cyanotype Silk Scarf

Sunday, May 3, 11am-1pm • $50


Mother’s Day Alert: You need a gift for your mom -OR- you are a mom who needs a gift. Either way, we’ve got you covered with this Cyanotype Scarf workshop. You’ll create a silk scarf using the very same Cyanotype photographic process that Anna Atkins, famed first woman photographer, used in the 1840’s. The shadows and silhouettes from the objects placed on the scarf create white and light blue highlights that are surrounded by a deep “cyanotype” blue. Like sun prints, this is a photogram technique which means it does not use negatives or an enlarger, just objects and a scarf coated with a light sensitive cyanotype mix.

Use it as a gift or keep it for yourself. It is a great way to create art that you can wear. Once you learn the technique, you can create designs using a wide variety of materials—a great way to make a custom gift for the moms out there.

No prior photography knowledge needed, and all materials will be provided. You will go home with one completed cyanotype scarf.


This workshop is led by Kate Farrall, a fine artist with a passion for creating patterns from unusual materials. See her work in person during the April 11-May 3 exhibition at Delta Workshop to take a look at the photographic patterns she’s created using bioluminescent fungus.