Did you see me on TV --- Showing people how to make vintage Photograms? / by Kate Farrall

Good Day Sacramento Interviewing Me for the Cyanotype Scarf Workshop!
I recently did a cyanotype scarf workshop and the local news station featured it on their morning program! Here’s the link to the video of the segment. It was fun trying to get people hooked on photograms and the idea of photography without cameras.

Exposing the fabric cyanotype print. Feeling like Anna Atkins but without the poofy Victorian skirt.

Reporter, Cambi Brown, helping me bring in the exposed cyanotype scarf.

On air with reporter, Cambi Brown as I'm just about to dunk the cyanotype scarf into development.
The reporter, Cambi Brown and cameraman, Scott were really nice and we had a lot of fun with it all.

Check it out for a good giggle.